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Every month, we're trusted by over 240,000 learners to find them the right training provider and take their career to the next level. Whether they're looking for an accredited course, an apprenticeship or a provider to take charge of their training needs and propose new solutions, we work closely with our training providers to ensure these requirements are met and our customers walk away happy. In the autumn of 2019, we expanded our comparison site into adult learning segments and Further Education including vocational and career courses, hobby and leisure courses, and additional qualification types. 
Currently, we attract corporate training buyers - from individuals to HR professionals, managers and directors to our site -  all with a shared aim of growing and developing themselves or their staff and deliver quality leads, phone-calls, and bookings through to our clients. In our expansion, we will be catering to our new audience of course and qualification buyers while continuing to develop our product and services for corporate training buyers.


your web presence. Our dedicated publishing and customer success team will work to drive traffic and enquiries through to you.


with us on campaigns with our package of additional advertising, including showing your courses at the top of the list.


your visibility. When you advertise with us, you will appear on and you will be a preferred provider for Learning at Work Week.

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Testimonials from some of our clients

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Managing Director, Results Driven Group

“We’ve been working with findcourses now for the last two years. In year two we probably invested £2,500 into findcourses membership and we’ve received approximately £80,000 in return. That equates to a four thousand percent return on investment. We’ve found it’s really critical to follow up leads both over the phone and through email.

What’s different about findcourses is that the search engine optimisation is pretty critical so a lot of our courses have rave reviews and that really puts them to the top of search engines. So I would recommend the service to any provider who is out there and they want to grow their business.”

peice (1)

Marketing Director, PEICE

“Of all the marketing channels we use to promote our training, is the only site that really works and that has generated a high number of conversions and a very measurable income. The target audience is far superior to other sites that we’ve used in the past and we really like working with the team. Since the beginning of our relationship everyone at findcourses has been flexible, attentive and deliver a high quality professional service.”

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Marketing Manager, London Corporate Training

“I have been very impressed with as a whole. The team was quick to add our courses to the website and are always willing to make additional changes at short notice. They also keep in contact regularly and draw my attention to any important matters. I have to say this level of customer service and attention to detail really makes them stand out. Furthermore, we have received a number of leads and generated some important conversions. Over the past few years, we have dealt with many different affiliate sites and there is no doubt in my mind that findcourses is one of the best. I look forward to continuing to work closely with findcourses in the future.”

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