Healthcare courses overtake Business for first time in 10 years


Our new report, released June 10 2021, dives into a years' worth of statistics to help you push your marketing forwards in the coming months.


LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM (June 10th, 2021)- The 2021 U.K. Training Buyers Report released by provides insights, statistics and tips for course providers and education institutions wanting to thrive in the coming months.


The deep dive into 12 months’ worth of search data from UK course buyers revealed that as online course searches increased, so did the overall interest in healthcare, social care and mental health training courses. Health and Social Care was the top category both for individual professional training buyers and those interested in vocational qualifications, topping Business & Management courses for the first time since was founded in 2009.


The report also showed that interest in Apprenticeship training is on the increase, with the top area of interest being construction, and that Health and Safety courses were most requested by L&D departments and corporate groups. 


As well as reflecting on key data from the previous 12 months, the report takes a look ahead at the year to come, predicting that requests for funded training will increase with the UK Government’s increased push for reskilling, that the types of courses people will book will broaden and that whilst the return to the classroom will see a resurgence of in-person training requests, the future of learning will see online learning and classroom training sharing more equal footing than ever before.


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