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Course Reviews Are Important When Choosing the Right Training

Marketing Training Courses


Course reviews are becoming more and more influential to those looking for training - and are helping training buyers find their perfect-fit course.

Course reviews not only give a sense of the credibility of the product but a way for the customer to interact with the site and express their concerns and opinions.


In a survey of our training buyer audience, 78% of people responded that course reviews were a 'very important' factor in their decision-making process when considering enrolling in a course. In other words,  those courses that had reviews received more views, interest and more feedback than those that don't have reviews were more likely to attract prospective buyers.

A further 17% of users stated that they sometimes considered reviews before they decided which training course was most suitable for them, and only 5% claimed that reviews were not important to them.


Review & compare sites are becoming more important to online consumers, who claim that reviews give them a real sense of try before you buy, and valuable insight into a product before they part with their money. This is also true in the professional training world. Users are looking for information to help them choose the most suitable course for their requirements. Reviews can be easily incorporated into a course and provide additional data into what improvement you can make to make your course more appealing to customers.


While reviews help the overall image of a course, certain training courses rely almost solely upon reviews. 

Training courses that have the most reviews are distance learning & e-learning courses which may be a result of users needing security from other users before they invest in this relatively new form of training. 

We're also seeing trends in our company training buyer personas who are engaging more with reviews and case-studies reviewing in-house training.


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Abby Guthrie

Abby Guthrie is the Communications Manager for findcourses.co.uk. She works to shape strategy and align team members to achieve product and site growth. Originally from the U.S., Abby has worked with digital marketing since 2015.