6 Tips for Driving Clicks to Your Findcourses Profile




Did you know that on average, you have a 10-20 second window of time for a user to decide whether or not they are going to leave your webpage? Nowadays people have a shorter attention span than ever before, which is why you need to captivate a visitor from the get-go.  

Your course profile contains a lot of information – so how do you make it accessible and engaging in a short amount of time? We've outlined some key tips to help you improve your bounce rate and encourage learners to click on your Findcourses profile.  

1. Showcase your reviews 

Reviews hold the key to converting your prospective learners. They provide a window into the feelings and experiences of prior learners – offering valuable insight into the content and effectiveness of your training. Positive reviews have a visual impact on your listing and make your courses stand out in search results. 

If you would like to add reviews to your profile but you’re not sure how it works, we will be happy to help you with this.  



2. Include up-to-date prices and dates  

Up-to-date prices and start and end dates for your courses will ensure that users want to click on your profile. Users are able to see at a quick glance whether your course matches their criteria and book onto the programme as soon as possible. 

Keeping this information up to date not only drives those conversions but also builds trust with your audience – users expect instant access to accurate information.  

3. Make your visuals appealing 

First impressions are key. Visuals are often the first thing that users notice when they land on your profile, so it’s important that they are appealing, eye-catching and reinforce your brand identity.  

Select high quality images for your banner and logo that are consistent with your brand, to make sure that users want to know more about your organisation.  

4. Incorporate the medium of video 

There is no limit to how many videos you can include, so make sure they distinguish you from your competitors. Like reviews, videos can help to show participants what makes you unique.  

Videos can set up a dialogue with your potential customer and help you deliver your message more clearly. This can be the perfect medium for convincing users to get in touch with you.  

5. Keep your course descriptions clear and concise  

Textual impact is just as essential as visual impact for grabbing your audience’s attention. Since people’s attention span is generally reduced, your text needs to be clear and concise.  

Bullet point lists are more effective than paragraphs to present course modules. We recommend avoiding putting too much information and sticking to module/lesson names rather than including modular descriptions; capturing just enough information to grab the user’s attention and interest but emitting enough to entice them to look on your own site.

6. Include complete information, particularly events    


It’s important to remember that incomplete information can discourage potential customers. A feature to dedicate some time and thought to is “events.” 

Events can make all the difference for the performance of your profile. The more events you have, the better your SEO score and traffic will be. Events provide information on when and where programmes are held: In Company, Classroom, Self-paced Online, Virtual Classroom or Blended Learning.  


We understand that it’s hard to find time to stay on track with your course portfolio, not only on Findcourses but on your own website too. However, with the right guidance and tools, you can reap the benefits of your course listing.  

Through including reviews, appealing images, videos, up-to-date, clear and complete information, you can drive more clicks to your courses. Our tips and support can help make your profile more attractive and help you convert users into customers.  

Are you interested in finding out how you can set up a profile with Findcourses and reach more prospective learners? Read more about our services to find out how we can help you achieve your marketing goals in 2024.  

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