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The teaching profession is on a knife-edge, prompting thousands of teachers in the UK to upskill, reskill or completely retrain for new careers. 


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The pandemic hit education hard, and schools, students, parents and teachers are still feeling the mental strain of prolonged lockdowns. But while schools are keen to get student learning back on track, teachers are reluctant to return to a dramatically altered profession.

For many years, teachers have carried a heavy burden of unmanageable workloads, inadequate resources, criticism, scrutiny, micromanagement, and limited training opportunities, and the pandemic has only magnified the problem.

Now, thousands of teachers are exploring alternative careers. 


So, how can great teachers overcome the challenges of the post-covid classroom? And where do those who leave teaching go? How can providers help solve the upcoming teacher retention and recruitment crisis?

To answer these questions and more, we looked into recent course trends to help training providers set their learning goals for the upcoming year.

We delved deep into our data to get a fuller picture of how the pandemic has impacted teaching, investigate what users from the education sector really want, and suggest opportunities for findcourses providers. 


We identified three ways that providers can help:


  • Offer training that helps new teachers to enter the profession.

  • Support that helps existing teachers stay in the profession longer.

  • Reskill or retrain leaving teachers to guarantee success in their new careers.

In addition, we also discuss the demands of the teaching profession and other factors leading to the Teaching Retention and Recruitment Crisis


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Elaine Thatcher

Elaine Thatcher is a Digital Content Writer at findcourses.co.uk. She brings extensive knowledge to her writing from an 18-year career as an educator in British international schools and believes learning is a lifelong goal. Originally from the UK, Elaine has lived in major Asian and European cities and currently resides in Sweden.