2022 Course Trends & Skills Outlook


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After the turbulence of the last couple of years, we know that learners and training providers are keen to get learning back on track. To help training providers and colleges set their learning goals for the upcoming year, we looked into recent course trends.


In order to give a fuller picture of how the pandemic has impacted learning, we dug into our user data from the last 3 years. This is what we found:


  • There were 2 distinct and opposite responses to COVID-19 job losses - 1) flight to stability, and 2) entrepreneurship.


  • There has been a significant increase in interest in technical and vocational skills training courses, boding well for providers and colleges who have been asserting the value of vocational training.


  • The circumstances surrounding the pandemic also brought about a more holistic approach to learning with growth in hobbies & interests, and mental health courses.


We also discuss how skills shortages, the growing importance of the green economy, and return to work might impact learning trends in 2022.



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Carol Y. Pang is a Content Manager for findcourses.co.uk. Prior to this, she has 12 years of experience in the corporate and financial sectors. She believes that people are fundamental to an organisation’s success, and that effective training can create a motivated and engaged workforce.