2023 Course Trends & Skills Outlook


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As a company, we are passionate about connecting our learners with the right education. We believe that by striving to understand our learners’ motivations for investing in training, we can better support their learning goals.

These aims were the key drivers that prompted us to hold Upskill & Reskill, a free virtual learning fair, in January 2023. The fair gave our learners an opportunity to chat live to training providers, find out about available courses and attend webinar master classes.

We also found out from attendees that around half of them attended the fair because they are interested in upskilling (to excel in their current role or to gain a promotion) or reskilling (to change careers or give themselves more career options).

The helpful interactions we had during the fair with our learners and training providers guided our thought process as we put together the 2023 Course Trends report. We wanted to focus on not just presenting the statistics but to try and give an insight into why our learners are learning what they are learning.


This was what we discovered as we looked at the course trends data from
findcourses.co.uk’s user statistics:

  • Echoing the attendees from the Upskill & Reskill fair, one of our learners’
    main motivations is to develop their professional skills.

  • To ensure that they are future-proofing their careers, our learners
    recognise that they must keep pace with the rapid rate of technological
    change. They are thus looking into training in digital skills, data analytics
    and AI in increasing numbers.

  • The pandemic has shifted some learning behaviours. Mental health
    training as well as leisure courses that contribute to wellbeing are being
    prioritised, and this trend looks set to continue.



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Picture of Carol Y. Pang
Carol Y. Pang

Carol Pang, Content Manager at findcourses.co.uk, is dedicated to developing tailored and impactful content that meets the diverse needs of learners of professional and vocational courses. Her enthusiasm extends to delving into data, where she drives the creation of Course trends reports and Learning and Development reports, providing valuable insights to users. With a multifaceted professional background spanning financial analysis, market research, and consulting, Carol's ability to synthesise insights from different sectors enriches her content creation, making it both engaging and informed by a comprehensive understanding of various domains.